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My name is Billy Cottrell

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Here you can view more information about me, my skills and the projects I have worked on.

About Me

So as you know my name is Billy Cottrell and I am a programmer, app developer, web developer, webdesigner, ... & trying to be an all-round IT'er.
Here you can find all information about me, my services and also projects I have worked on so far.

From an early age I have been passionate about computers and everything that has to do with technology. It was only later that I have gained true interest towards gaining skills and knowledge about everything that is IT related. Which is the reason I chose to do Applied Computer Science at HoGent in 2016. What I like to do the most is web development and developing mobile applications.

In my spare time I like to write my ideas down for my own websites, programs or apps to create them later on as a way to improve my knowledge, skills and to express my creativity.





Programming is without a doubt the most fun and useful thing I have ever learned at school. It's awesome to see how a few lines of code can turn into a fully operational program. The languages I am most experienced in are Java and C#

Web development

I have always liked web development ever since i was small. Being able to create websites, adding functionality and improving the layout is really fun to do. Both traditional multi-page websites and single-page websites like these are no problem to me and are fun to create and experience it's growth. The languages that I like using are HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and Angular

Mobile development

In addition to web development I also like Mobile development. Being able to create an app and extend the user journey feels to me like it is something I have to do. I like both Android and iOS, but I find working with Android more pleasant then with iOS. The languages in which i have worked are Kotlin for Android, and Swift for iOS.



image of the E-portfolio


The website you are on right now, thank you for visiting!

This website was a task from during my study at Hogent. For this task we had to show that we were ready for our career and as a way to show what we can to other companies/clients. This website is my second version and is still being developped as it is a temporary version.

This was created by using HTML, CSS and Javascript. After the next update this website will also be using PHP so it can be updated using a CMS instead of updating the code itself.

screenshot from the start menu of For Sale

For Sale

The first-year project: A java board game.

This program was a project during my first year at Hogent. The project was to make a board game in Java. The entire project was divided into four parts. I made both the backend and the frontend. The layout was designed with JavaFX and the backend was with mySQL.

screenshot from Home Page of Codexive


The second-year assignment WebApplications IV: An angular application

Second-year assignment for the Web Applications IV course. The assignment for this was to create a website in Angular with an express backend. We were free to choose what the website would serve. I chose to make it a platform where people could create projects such as on github but where files were modified in real time.

This project will be rewritten completely, most likely in a different framework and it will have more functionalities then before. I hope to finish this project one day, but I don't know when this will be finished completely as I still gain ideas for this project everyday, but I do want to turn this into completely functional platform.

logo of Lekker Lokaal

Lekker Lokaal

The second-year project: an e-commerce platform for gift vouchers

Second-year project where we had to build a website in asp.NET. It was for a customer of Aalst, where the intention of the site was to make personal gift vouchers from local merchants. Which could be exchanged in the local stores and validated using an app.

screenshot from the start screen of the android app

Lunch Forest

The final year project: mobile app and website for lunches of restaurants.

Final year project was to build a site in Angular and an Android application. The intention was to have an android app where people could register a lunch for a certain restaurant. The restaurant operators can manage their lunch through the website.

The android app was written in Kotlin and the website in angular. The backend was written in express. Both the website and backend were hosted on the free Heroku server

logo of Recipe Chef

Recipe Chef

The final year assignment from Native Apps I and II (iOS): mobile app

Final year assignment for the course Native Apps I (Android) and Native Apps II iOS. We were allowed to choose for ourselves what the application would do and I wanted to make an app where people could create recipes and combine them into a cookbook, and much more. The recipes and cookbooks could then be shared with others via social media, email or sms.

The Android app was made in Kotlin and the iOS app was made in Swift both apps use firebase as a shared database. This is a project that is currently still in operation.

Shop in Aalst

The final year assignment from Native Apps II (Windows): mobile app

Final year assignment for the course Native Apps II (Windows). This project serves as an extra channel for entrepreneurs in Aalst and to promote their business. This app is for users who want an overview of the local companies within aalst, where one searches or filters on companies, promotions or events.

This project was build in UWP and XAML and used an MySQL database. It has a build in enterprise number checker where we checked whether this number existed in the unizo database and extracted data to auto fill in certain fields so the user could confirm this information and non-existent companies couldn't register.


You can mail me through [email protected] or by filling in the form to the left or you can contact me through linkedIn.